CSR Policy

Jiangbei Pharmaceutical firmly believes that enterprises should not only create economic value, but also create social value and environmental value. Jiangbei has the obligation and responsibility to earnestly fulfill various social responsibility policies. The company takes the "Guide to Social Responsibility for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in China" as the criterion, formulates the "Social Responsibility Management System", fully implements the corporate social responsibility management system, and solemnly promises to all sectors of society:

Responsibility to the Country:Jiangbei  bears the responsibility of safe production, providing and promoting employment, and ensuring the foundation of people's livelihood and national harmony.

Responsibility to society:Jiangbei improves resource utilization, promotes green manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing and biological manufacturing, implements supply-side reforms, and advocates standardized and sustainable industrial order and social values.
Responsibility to the environment:Jiangbei protects the environment, reduces the adverse impact on the environment in all aspects of enterprise R & D, production and sales, and realizes the upgrading, transformation and green development of enterprises.
Responsibilities to employees:Jiangbei guarantees the rights and interests, equal opportunities and dignity of every employee, realizes the decent work of employees, conducts family-oriented management of employees, and pays attention to the growth and development of employees.
Responsibility to consumers:Jiangbei is committed to providing high-quality, inexpensive and safe medicines, improving the health quality of consumers, and providing consumers with good pre-sale, in-sale and after-sales services.
Responsibility to shareholders:Earnestly fulfill the powers entrusted by shareholders, create wealth for the enterprise and create income for shareholders.
Responsibility to partners: work together to achieve a win-win situation.

Quality Policy

Good Faith, Excellence, Highly Efficiency, Innovation

Good Faith


Integrity as the essence, customer as the center, laying the cornerstone of enterprise survival;



With excellent quality, exquisite technology, to establish a good image of the enterprise;

Highly Efficient


With efficient work, quality service, to win the competitive advantage of enterprises;



With continuous improvement and innovation, to seek greater development of the enterprise.

Quality Management

The company adheres to global development, actively promotes the construction of the "Belt and Road" and supply-side structural reforms, innovates and improves investment and financing mechanisms, uses global elements, optimizes resource allocation, and actively integrates into the global industrial chain and value chain. At the same time of product exporting, actively introduce foreign advanced technology, high-quality assets, high-end talents and advanced management experience to Jiangbei to accelerate the company's transformation, upgrading and technological innovation.

The company began to implement the ISO9001 quality management system in 2002, gradually implemented GMP management in 2004, and passed the EDQM on-site inspection for the first time in September 2007. Simvastatin, atorvastatin calcium, levetiracetam and other products have passed the health authority inspection and certification of China, FDA, EU CEP, Japan, South Korea, India, Brazil etc. The products are trusted by customers.

After more than 20 years of development, the company has formed a complete set of quality management system, which has created the cornerstone of the stable quality of Jiangbei Pharmaceutical products and ensured that the company is invincible in the market competition. The company has made a clear quality division of labor in quality work and implemented the first-in-command responsibility system. The top-down quality management model has promoted the company's attention to quality management. All functional departments are responsible for their own responsibilities and cooperate with each other to form a strict quality management network.

The company now has high-quality professional and technical personnel and full-time quality management personnel to adapt to the scale of production. Through various forms of relevant training held on a regular basis and all-round quality awareness education, the company and all posts have formed a good atmosphere where everyone attaches importance to quality.

While strengthening the education of employees, the company takes the quality management department as the competent department, formulates strict quality management system at all levels, and strictly controls the product quality in the production process. Quality control starts from the source, from the whole process management of research and development, production, circulation and use. Strict quality management ensures the effective control and medicine quality.

Quality management is endless. The company adheres to the mission of "lead the health industry with a sincere heart and an excellence pursuing spirit", and takes providing high-quality products to patients and customers as eternal goal.

EHS Policy

Safety first, prevention first; Obey the law, maintain health; full participation and comprehensive management; scientific management and sustainable development.

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Safety first, prevention first

Educate and motivate employees to work with an environmentally responsible attitude and method, and gradually improve the environmental protection awareness of all employees.

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Obey the law, maintain health

Safety and environmental protection work must be based on national and local laws and other requirements, adhere to the people-oriented principle, put the protection of employees' health in an important position, continuously improve production conditions, improve environmental friendliness, and strive to create a harmonious environment for sustainable development.

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Full participation and comprehensive management

The safety and environmental protection system must be fully involved, from the top management to each employee should earnestly implement their own occupational safety system responsibility system, respect scientific laws in work, and use scientific methods to carry out safety and environmental protection work, in order to achieve twice the result with half the effort.

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Scientific management and sustainable development

Each functional department and post should strengthen basic and grassroots management, give full play to the initiative of each department and each employee, and take safety and environmental protection as the cornerstone to enhance the overall development of the enterprise.

The company's safety and environmental protection goals for 2023:

1. The fire accident is zero;

2. The explosion accident is zero;

3. Serious injuries and above accidents are zero;

4. The incidence of occupational diseases is zero;

5. Minor injuries of not more than 6 people;

6. Hidden danger rectification rate of 98% (major hidden danger rectification of 100%);

7. Safety education and training completion rate of 100;

8. Special equipment detection rate of 100%;

9. The detection rate of safety facilities is 100%;

10. Emergency drill completion rate of 100%;

11. Discharge of three wastes up to standard;

12. No environmental pollution accident.

EHS System

In strict arccordance with the relevant reauirements in the laws and reaulations of the People's Republic of China, the company standardizes its own environmental and occupational health safety management, comprehensively realizes pollution prevention, pollution reduction and efficiency enhancement, effectively controls risks, reduces accidents, and promotes the healthy development of the enterprise.

Since the establishment and operation of the environment and occupational health safety management system, the company has strictly operated in accordance with the EHS management system, combined with the characteristics of the company to formulate the policies of environmental and occupational health safety, identify the environmental factors and hazards in the company's products, activities and services, evaluate major environmental factors and major risks, formulate the goal indicators and management plans of environmental and occupational health safety, and implement them, standardize daily environment and occupational health safety management activities in the form of procedures, operating procedures and rules and regulations, and exert influence on relevant parties. The company continues to improve the health and safety of employees in the workplace, improve working conditions, safeguard the legitimate interests of employees, pay attention to environmental protection, ensure that products meet the requirements, reduce the losses caused by safety and environmental risks, enhance the cohesion of the company, improve internal management, establish a good corporate image, and achieve policies and goal indicators of environmental and occupational health safety.

Safety Management

Jiangbei Pharmaceutical always adheres to the safety production policy of "safety first, prevention first, and comprehensive management", regards safety production as an important task of the enterprise, earnestly implements the overall deployment requirements of national, provincial, and municipal safety work, and hold "zero concept", establish "zero goals", adhere to "party and government responsibility, one post and two responsibilities", adhere to the all-round safety of all staff and the whole process, and adhere to science and technology. Through innovative safety management, establishing and improving safety institutions at all levels, increasing safety investment, improving and implementing the safety production responsibility system, safety management system and safety operation procedures, paying attention to occupational health management, and strengthening key risk prevention, a sound safety production management responsibility system has been formed to escort the safe, stable and sound development of the company. In 2011, the company passed the three-level enterprise acceptance of safety standardization for the first time.

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Environmental Management

"Energy-saving and consumption-reducing" is the social responsibility of modern enterprises. In addition to scientific and technological innovation, Jiangbei Pharmaceutical is also striving for "energy saving" and "environmental protection". The introduction of advanced equipment, scientific management experience and management system will reflect energy-saving and cost-reducing in every link of production and operation, and contribute to the strength of enterprises for circular economy and green economy. In 2014, it passed the clean production acceptance.

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