Innovative Ideas

Innovation is the first driving force to lead the development, the soul of enterprise progress, the source of rapid development. Jiangbei Pharmaceutical must put innovation at the core of the strategic development of enterprises, build a systematic innovation chain, and promote cross-border collaborative innovation. Improve the manufacturing innovation system with enterprises as the main body, market-oriented, and the combination of government, industry, academia, research and application, break through a number of key technologies, promote the digitalization, networking, and ;intellectualization in company and achieve high-quality innovation and development.

Scientific and technological innovation should take the development path led by talents. Insist on taking talents as the foundation of building a strong manufacturing enterprise, establish and improve a scientific and reasonable mechanism for selecting, using, and training employees, accelerate the training of professional and technical personnel, management personnel, integrate cross-disciplines, and implement cross-border innovation. Realize to motivate employees with a value system, win customers with individual services, promote development with partnerships, create an innovative atmosphere, build a team of innovative talents with good quality and reasonable structure, comprehensively enhance the connotation of the company, and let "Jiangbei Manufacturing" go to the world.

Innovative Ideas

Capacity Building


The company has a high-quality team in the medical and chemical industry undertaking the production, research and development, inspection and testing activities, including nearly 400 people with college degree or above, more than 50 people with senior professional title.

API R&D center resides in a 4000 ㎡  state-of-the-art facility. The R&D team has a total of 5 doctors, more than 20 masters, and the rest are bachelors graduated from key universities. By strengthening its own capacity building and cooperating with universities and famous enterprises, the company's R & D strength and innovation capabilities are extremely competitive in the pharmaceutical industry.

Capacity building

Product Innovation

Jiangbei Pharmaceutical Preparation Project started in early 2014. The plant is located in the north of Jiangbei factory, and the product dosage forms are mainly tablets and capsules.

Floor area of preparation workshop is 1378 ㎡, total construction area is 4748 ㎡The clean area is 1780 ㎡. There are two production lines in the workshop, which are equipped with different capacities of equipment to meet different batch size of products. The main equipment are: Granulation  (200L/800L), Fluid-Bed (60kg/300kg),  Blending(800L/5000L), Coating (50kg/500L/500kg), There are three blister packaging lines and one bottle packaging line.   The primary packaging and the secondary packing are integrated in one-line for efficiency .The products packed in aluminum plastic and in bottle can both be carried out. The workshop capacity is designed with 2 billion tablets per year.

product innovation