Global development

Global Development

The company adheres to global development, actively promotes the construction of the "Belt and Road" and supply-side structural reforms, innovates and improves investment and financing mechanisms, uses global elements, optimizes resource allocation, and actively integrates into the global industrial chain and value chain. At the same time, actively introduce foreign advanced technology, high-quality assets, high-end talents and advanced management experience to Jiangbei to accelerate the company's transformation, upgrading and technological innovation.

The company adheres to the core values of "taking customer interests as the foundation, harmonious competition, and creating value", actively participates in the global industrial re-division of labor, undertakes industrial and capital transfer, expands the international market space, and comprehensively enhances the company's technology, brand, marketing, and service. International competitiveness has truly turned the company into an internationally competitive pharmaceutical company.

International Certification

1 July 2009 Simvastatin EU CEP Certificate
2 January 2012 Simvastatin India Certificate of Registration
3 February 2012 Simvastatin Korea Certificate of Registration
4 May 2013 Levetiracetam Korea Certificate of Registration
5 June 2013 Levetiracetam EU CEP Certificate
6 July 2013 Simvastatin(Contains BHA) EU CEP Certificate
7 August 2014 Simvastatin and Simvastatin ammonium salt Passed the U.S. FDA inspection
8 March 2015 Simvastatin Domestic GMP certification
9 July 2015 Simvastatin German GMP certificate
10 May 2016 Atorvastatin Calcium EU CEP Certificate
11 May 2016 Simvastatin Passed the U.S.FDA inspection
12 June 2016 Simvastatin Russian Certificate of Registration
13 February 2017 Atorvastatin Calcium WC for API Exported to EU
14 September 2017 Clopidogrel EU CEP certificate
15 January 2018 Efavirenz Domestic GMP certification
16 July 2018 Simvastatin WC for API Exported to EU
17 July 2018 Simvastatin、Levetiracetam、Efavirenz、Rosuvastatin Calcium 、Clopidogrel、Darunavir   、Atorvastatin Calcium GMP certificate of the Russian Ministry of Health
18 August 2018 Efavirenz, Darunavir Passed WHO GMP Inspection
19 August 2018 Levetiracetam   EU CEP certificate
20 November 2018 Simvastatin CEP certificate  
21 February 2019 Ibuprofen tablets UK MHRA GMP Certificate 
22 May 2019 Levetiracetam   WC for API Exported to EU
23 June 2019 Atorvastatin Calcium EU CEP certificate
24 November 2019 Simvastatin,Atorvastatin Calcium, Rosuvastatin Calcium Domestic GMP certification
25 February 2020 Efavirenz Tablets Passed WHO GMP Inspection
26 December 2020 Rosuvastatin Calcium Tablets Passed Domestic GMP Inspection
27 December 2021 Levetiracetam Passed Domestic GMP Inspection
28 April 2022 Atorvastatin Calcium-IM2 process EU CEP certificate
29 October 2022 Levetiracetam, Atorvastatin Calcium, Rosuvastatin Calcium, Rosuvastatin Calcium Tablets, Atorvastatin Calcium Dispersible Tablets Passed Domestic GMP Inspection
30 January 2023 Rosuvastatin Calcium EU CEP certificate
31 February 2023 Darunavir WC for API Exported to EU
32 April 2023 Simvastatin-process II EU CEP certificate
33 April 2023 Simvastatin (contains BHA)-process II EU CEP certificate
34 August 2023 Simvastatin,Atorvastatin Calcium Passed the U.S.FDA inspection
35 September 2023 Simvastatin, Levetiracetam ANVISA GMP Certification
Global Development

Cooperation content

1. Undertake the customized production of raw materials and high-end intermediates of international pharmaceutical enterprises.

2. To undertake the customized production of pharmaceutical preparations for international pharmaceutical companies/drug sellers.

3, the establishment of pharmaceutical preparations, APIs, intermediates international marketing/commodity trade strategic partners, or to build a marketing network.

4. Undertake drug and technology development for international customers.

5. Introduce advanced technology, high-quality assets and high-end talents from abroad.

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